Viagra and generic sildenafil (Suhagra): accessible and fast ED fix

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Thanks to the invention of Viagra, the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction has lost this desperate ring to it. Although invented more than two decades ago and having had three follow-up medications invented, the blue pill remains among the most popular means of fighting ED. The effectiveness of the drug based on sildenafil is confirmed by of years of successful application, but the brand Viagra price remains its serious drawback.

The patent for exclusive sildenafil manufacture expired in 2012 in the U.S., with many accredited pharmaceutical companies getting certified for the production of generic version of the legendary drug. Suhagra by Cipla Ltd. became a bestseller overnight: produced by a company with a well-established name in the industry, the pill featured all of the brand drug’s benefits with none of its prohibitive price (the cost of Suhagra is 10% of that of the original Viagra).

Now every man can choose the necessary therapy proceeding from their buying capacity. You can even buy Suhagra online without prescription, which makes their purchase even more accessible. Other companies have followed the suit with high quality generic sildenafil pills. Learn more about the opportunities to diversify and customize your ED therapy, but keep in mind that in-office or online medical consultation is always required when using drugs of Viagra class.

Generic Viagra you can buy online without prescription

Generic Viagra is an umbrella term for a group of medicines that have the same active substance, effects and safety as the brand drug, but are not produced by the company that developed the molecule. The big advantage of these generics is their price, which is much lower than the original drug. This economical advantage is achieved thanks to the use of a ready-made formula of the studied and tested for decades active principle. The lower generic production cost is also partly explained by the placement of the productive structures in the places with labor force costs less.

The most famous and requested Viagra substitutes are represented in the table below.

Table1. Generic Viagra alternatives

Drug NameDrug Description
SuhagraThe drug is completely analogous to its original prototype. It is taken 30-60 minutes before sex and provides the famous effect of the blue pill for 4-6 hours, but at a much lower price. The therapeutic medium is very popular among classic Viagra fans, who want to save a little on care.
Viagra SoftThe analogue differs in the form of production, which in itself represents mint pills to be dissolved under the tongue. It is absorbed by the body through the mucous membrane of the mouth in just 15-20 minutes and does not cause further load on the digestive system, allowing it to be prescribed to patients with stomach-related diseases.
Viagra ProfessionalViagra Professional is a drug with a faster onset and an extended therapeutic window.
Viagra Super ActiveViagra Super Active is a drug in the form of capsules with sildenafil completely identical in quality and dosage to the original drug. The difference is only in the form of production and in the price. The capsules ensure a rapid absorption in the circulatory system of the organism.

Where and how to buy discount Viagra generics online

how Suhagra works

Suhagra and other generic Viagra pills are hugely popular with shoppers around the world; this creates a fair amount of competition among e-pharmacies. Use it to your advantage! Pick a reliable online pharmacy with the best quality of drugs (read customer reviews before you order Viagra) and democratic pricing policy.

Make sure that you can contact their customer support in case anything goes wrong or you have an urgent question to ask. Scan the terms of use and privacy policy – you should be certain that your information will stay confidential and the payment will done through secured connection. Do they have an audible policy regarding returns and money-back? Are there convenient methods of payment and shipping? If no, we suggest you bounce off in search for better options!

A good pharmacy store should offer loyalty discounts and bonuses, free shipping and insurance offers and other such things to keep you interested. We hope these tips will help you find a truly reliable drugstore to make your e-shopping experience smooth and enjoyable!