What is Suhagra?


Suhagra contains sildenafil citrate, the substance that helps to overcome erectile difficulty and have erections of excellent quality every time they are physiologically required. Suhagra works by expanding the blood vessels in the penis so that they can absorb and retain the amount of blood required for the optimal erectile hardness.

The drug thus reconstructs the natural mechanism of erection, but with an added layer of confidence provided by the pharmacological boost of sexual stamina.

Suhagra acts in the presence of sexual stimulation only; but it also helps to achieve a new erection after ejaculation much faster in comparison to a non-medicated state.

What is Suhagra used for?

Suhagra is administered with the following purposes:

  • to restore the ability of achieving erection in response to sexual stimulation
  • to ensure the ability to maintain erection for as long as it is required for a satisfactory sexual act to take place
  • taken regularly, Suhagra helps cure ED symptoms
  • to alleviate anxiety related to performance
  • to address the issues related to psychological ED
  • to shorten the postejaculatory recovery period
  • to restore self-confidence in men affected by ED
  • to give a major boost to the sexual stamina
  • to improve the overall virility image
  • to improve intrapersonal relationships in couples

How to use Suhagra

Suhagra pills are taken on demand in the dose recommended by doctor. A tablet of Suhagra is taken 60 minutes before the sexual activity is anticipated. Wash it down with a sufficient amount of liquid that is not caffeine-containing, alcohol or grapefruit juice – preferably water. Medicine adherence is essential for Suhagra effects to be their maximal and safest.

How much Suhagra should I take?

The generally recommended starting dose is sildenafil 50 mg which then can be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100 mg depending on the user’s response and tolerance. In individuals with decreased clearance, the initial dose of Suhagra 25 mg is recommended. The dose adjustment is not required in older citizens in case of Suhagra, unless there is a comorbidity to take into consideration (a cardiovascular pathology, a kidney or liver disease, etc.).

Side effects

The side effects of Suhagra are well studied. They do not occur in every patient and are most commonly limited to the first few intakes when the user’s body is not yet adjusted to the effects, both benign and adverse, of sildenafil. Suhagra side effects wear off together with the effects of the drug and subside with the continued use.

Body systemVery common (10% patients and more)Common (1%-10% patients)
CardiovascularFacial flushingDrop or increase in blood pressure
Increased heartbeat rate
GastrointestinalStomach upset
Mouth dryness
MusculoskeletalLimb painMyalgia
Back pain
Nervous systemHeadacheDizziness
OcularChanges in color perceptionRetinal changes
RespiratoryRhinitisRunny nose
DermatologicSkin rashSevere allergic reactions of the skin
MetabolicEdemaExcessive thirst
Increased appetite


Despite Suhagra being a universally approved treatment, there is a number of conditions that do not admit of its application. These conditions are linked to diseases of:

  1. eye retina (phosphodiesterase is found in the retina of the eye, and its inhibition by sildenafil can aggravate eye diseases already present in patient);
  2. diseases of blood cells (the vasoactive mechanism of sildenafil will be inefficient in the presence of leukemia, myeloma and sickle cell disease);
  3. unstable blood pressure (the effects of Suhagra are impossible to predict in subjects predisposed to high or low blood pressure);
  4. ulcerative diseases of stomach / duodenum;
  5. inherited or acquired penile deformity or scarring;
  6. serious cardiovascular problems;
  7. severe liver or kidney disease.

Always inform your doctor about your current health condition and medical history. Seek medical consultation at your local healthcare center or online when you buy Suhagra without prescription. Self-medicating poses more risks to your health than it provides solutions.


Where can I buy Suhagra?

Suhagra is a generic drug produced in India and available for purchase online with worldwide shipping. The advantages of clicking your medical products home are numerous, but you should approach the matter responsibly when choosing the retailer.

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